Welcome to Babygirl Blog (*o*)


There isnt anything interesting for me to put here. My name’s Sunipa Im pretty chillin person. No drug n alchohol in my blood XD I live in BKK. I hav a hugely heart when it comes to animals. I really emotional & random at times. But its all gravy ^^ Right? Yea, I kno I guess thats pretty much it. Ima untalkative person whatever could be moody depending on who could be talkative. I have only 7 friends in this world. I love being meeh. Im so in love with P’TRA… Music & Game are parts of my life. I love to be crazy, be illegal, be a wild child. Something’s only come once, so grab it while you can and never let go! if you do, then accept that somethings aren’t meant to be. You’re only young ONCE you’re only alive ONCE. so be yourself, follow your heart and SMILE :D!, even when it’s breaking. ❤ I like to spend my time in cmr & zwinky all day. I live to eat, food makes my day. I wish to be gymnastic athletes (Dreaming is all i do lolz). On my free time I love to ride ma pink fixie around Sathron Rd. If u wanna kno me just leave me msg… xoxo 😛



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